I’m a heavy-equipment mechanic by day and a woodworker and husband at home. I like woodworking as it involves no wrenches or grease or heavy objects that can kill me. I started out with the intention of using power tools like a certain bearded, plaid wearing individual. However, once I ended up in an apartment, I started looking into the hand tool world. I’m sold. As far as I am concerned, if I never own a single piece of woodworking machinery, I’ll be ok with that. Although I wouldn’t mind a bandsaw. So here is my blog about woodworking and all the little adventures that go along with it.


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  1. John Elliott says:

    It sure sounds like you had a good time at school. I have had classes with Chris and have known him for about 7 years. He’s great. I hope to take a class from Roy soon. I would like to take his springpole lathe building class.
    It’s nice to see a fellow Michigander woodworker.

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