Some paint

This weekend I took my full size tool chest and small chest down to my friends house for paint. I decided on Original Milk Paint’s soldier blue over barn red for my full size chest. The smaller one I just used the barn red. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough to time to get the large chest completely done so I’ll have to go back next weekend to finish it up. This was the first time I used milk paint and I thought it went quite wellFor the full size chest I gave it two coats of the barn red and then two coats of the soldier blue. The blue went on bit thinner than the red so I think it will take at least another coat to cover everything up. The smaller chest I gave two coats of the barn red. I then went over it with fine scotch-brite pad and finally ragged on some boiled linseed oil. The oil really made the paint pop. I also managed to get the trays dovetailed but only got one completed  and fitted in the chest. Once I get it back home I’ll finish the last two trays, install the hardware, and fill it up.

Saturday I was able to get together with Jim Crammond, a woodworker who I met through the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association. I went to his shop with no real expectations except that we share a mutual interest in Windsor chairs and hand tools. During my visit, Jim gave me lessons in riving, spindle making, and turning. Though none of this was formal, I still learned quite a bit and had a great time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get together with him again the future and maybe make a chair.


About messimerwoodworking

I'm a hobbyist woodworker. I live in a two bedroom apartment that I am fortunate enough to have a workbench in. Hand tools, lumber, time, and hopefully some acquired skill will produce some respectable furniture. We'll see...........
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2 Responses to Some paint

  1. Jamie Bacon says:

    The small chest looks great all finished! And I’m sure the full size one will look just as good when it’s all done. The chest I built looks to be about the size of your small one and I can see a large one in my near future.

    • Thanks. I do eventually want to put some handles on it and a chain stay, but for all intents and purposes it is done. Your shop is coming along very nicely by the way. I can’t wait to get a house and a shop. Of course then I’ll have to come up with a new subtitle for the blog.

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