Magnets and a mitre box

This last spring, my father-in-law gave me a nice old mitre box. It was made by the Goodell Manufacturing Co., which eventually became apart of  Goodell-Pratt. Old Tool Heaven has a nice history of the company here: The box is about 4 1/2″ deep and 19 1/2″ wide and has a 28″x5″, 11ppi Disston saw. The only part it’s missing is a rod that is attached to one end and used as a stop. The saw is straight and the handle is tight, though the bottom horn has a chunk missing. It also has a big nasty rust spot about 3inches from the toe of the saw. This doesn’t really effect performance, it just makes it look ugly. Although if I sharpened it enough it would eventually be in the tooth line.

So I have put the box to use and it does well, the only problem is that the saw has been sharpened down to about 4 1/2″ below the back so it won’t complete the cut unless I remove the depth stops. So I decided rather than leaving those off and possibly losing them, I would put a piece of wood on the bed. I didn’t want to drill into the bed though and do anything permanent. I would like to try and find another full size saw to use with it. So I decided to cut my pieces for the bed and attach them with some 3/4″ diameter magnets I got from Home Depot. I just used some 1/2″ thick oak, cut the pieces to match the bed, and used a 3/4″ auger bit to bore the holes for the magnets. Then I just glued them in place. Not too fancy, but it works and I didn’t have to alter the mitre box permanently.

This week I need to get back to work on my bookcase. All of the mortises are chopped in the stiles. I plan to start laying out and cutting the tenons for the rails throughout the week. If I can get those done then hopefully I can get this thing put together next weekend. I hope. I won’t hold my breath. I got my other saw bench done so that is at least one completed project since my end table. I still need to get back to my jewelry box, I mean tool chest, at some point as well.


About messimerwoodworking

I'm a hobbyist woodworker. I live in a two bedroom apartment that I am fortunate enough to have a workbench in. Hand tools, lumber, time, and hopefully some acquired skill will produce some respectable furniture. We'll see...........
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