Good day Bruce.

So I decided it was time to make the mate for my sawbench. When I decided this the first thing that popped into my head was the expression “good day mate,” immediately followed by the Bruce sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. During my time at the Woodwright’s School, we some how got into talking about Monty Python and that sketch popped up for whatever reason.

“And now for something completely different.”

Enough of that. So there happened to be a 10 foot 2×6 at my mom’s house that has moved with us at least 2 times. Kind of weird but nice for me. So using my nice old Disston D-8 rip that Bill Anderson kindly sharpened for me and my handy sawbench, I ripped the pieces for the legs and stretchers. Throughout the week I planed the boards to size and trued up the faces and edges necessary for the joinery. I cut the notches on the legs, trimmed them with my new shoulder plane, and attached them with some cut nails and glue.  Oh yeah, my new shoulder plane. This was the one downfall of having class with Christopher Schwarz. He has really good tools, and he lets you use them. Which means, if you have poor self-control, you inevitably will buy some of said tools. This was the case with the Lie Nielsen large shoulder plane. Now I just need to resist buying that bronze No. 4.

Today I cut the pieces for the cross stretchers and cut the half-lap joints on those. I attached them to the legs with nails and glue. I just need one more piece for the long stretcher and to cut the legs to length. The only challenge I had with this was that the board was pretty knotty so I had to be careful of what pieces I used for what. Next time I will get a nice clear board from the lumber yard. I think I will give this one to a friend who just made himself a tool box out of cedar.

If you haven’t built a sawbench already, I highly recommend it. I love mine. I wish I would have made it sooner. Aside from sawing on it, I used it when chopping the mortises for my book case and as a seat. I know, exciting right? I know there are more uses, I just haven’t used them yet. The last one is the mostly complete sawbench with most of the tools I used to make it. The only things I am missing are my No. 7, rip saw, and sliding bevel.



About messimerwoodworking

I'm a hobbyist woodworker. I live in a two bedroom apartment that I am fortunate enough to have a workbench in. Hand tools, lumber, time, and hopefully some acquired skill will produce some respectable furniture. We'll see...........
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2 Responses to Good day Bruce.

  1. lostartpress says:

    Looks good! You just have to get a center brace in place.


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